In 2006, I had a life-changing experience. My husband and I had just moved to Northeast Ohio and I became the manager of a support team for a young man in his first independent living experience. He happened to have Autism. His particular Autism manifests in such a way that he is largely nonverbal, that is to say, his least favorite thing to do is talk. One of my most favorite things to do is talk! So imagine us together!

Looking back on that period, my professional acting experience of delving into a character’s psychology and behavior perfectly prepared me for exploring the intricacies of nonverbal communication, the power of silence, of gesture, the brilliance of written schedules, checklists, and social stories.

Fast forward to the present, I work with amazing artists and their ABILITIES at pARTners Project Studio – using all manner of communication, and paint, and paper, and glue and brushes and CREATIVITY. Art gives voice.